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Yes, we have a vast assessment catalogue. Yes, it’s easy-to-create and schedule. Yes, Yaksha can help you customise or create on-demand assessments aligned to your industry and tech stacks. And of course, you can use MCA/Coding/Project-Based Assessments just the way you need🚀 

We can keep writing about the smart platform and smarter reports, and how amazing the results of setting up role-specific assessments are but it is nothing compared to seeing Yaksha in action! Let us show you how you can leverage Yaksha assessments to transform your hiring and L&D, and build world-class tech teams🔮 

Yaksha team will work in-tandem with you to understand your needs and then suggest the most effective assessments and screening processes for your organisation. Not just that our interview-as-a-service can help you cut down your hiring times by half ⏳ 

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Surprisingly simple

We’ve designed it so anyone can easily create assessments, add custom questions, rank candidates.

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Affordable professional assessments to streamline the hiring process for any size business.

Positive experiences

No accounts necessary for candidates taking your assessment. Utilize your logo to leave a lasting brand impression.

Cheating prevention

Proctoring features that allow you to view automatic snapshots of candidates as they’re being tested.

Flexible file uploads

Allow candidates to upload key documents such as a CV or portfolio.

Stellar support

Get answers to your questions, fast. Our team is always here to help 24x7.

Smarter integration

Native integration with 3rd party softwares that enable streamlined hiring processes.

Mobile-friendly features

Optimized for all platforms. Build and review assessments on the go. Let candidates showcase their talents on any device.

Tech Assessments the way they are supposed to be. Simple. Efficient. Fair.